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Super Premium Ice Cream

Made fresh on the premises

Old Bishop Farms is committed to providing a variety of high quality products for our customers.


About our Ice Cream

Super Premium

For most products “premium” is a marketing term - but not for ice cream! The FDA issues Standards of Identity that manufacturers must follow to qualify as “ice cream”. To be considered  ice cream, a dairy product must contain a minimum of 10% milk-fat (also known as butterfat).

“Premium” ice cream must contain 12-14% milk-fat; “super-premium” must contain 14-16% milk-fat.  We use 16% cream- giving our ice cream its signature richness and creaminess. 

You might be wondering, isn't more fat a bad thing? But an ice cream with more milk-fat actually contains less sugar - and (we think) is a much more luscious and satisfying dessert.

“Overrun” is the industry term for the air whipped into a frozen dessert. More air means less ice cream. Less air means more ice cream. We purposefully keep our overrun low, which means you get less air and more of what really matters - the ice cream, of course!

We make our ice cream in small batches, less than 10 gallons per run. This allows us to control ingredients, monitor quality and ensure our high standards. 


Classic Flavors

Available Daily

  • Chocolate- Super premium, super chocolatey

  • Vanilla-The Nation's #1 flavor, put it on some pie!!!

  • Strawberry- Super premium strawberry ice cream with real strawberries mixed throughout 

  • Toasted Coconut- Coconut Ice Cream mixed with real toasted coconut flakes

  • Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup-Our chocolate ice cream mixed with peanut butter, fudge and mini-PB Cups

  • Oreo- Our vanilla ice cream mixed with crushed oreos

  • Mint Chocolate Chip- White mint ice cream with dark chocolate chunks

  • Cookie Dough-Our vanilla ice cream mixed with edible cookie dough

  • Pistachio- White pistachio ice cream, mixed with roasted pistachios

  • Chocolate Fudge Crunch- Our chocolate ice cream swirled with dark fudge and mixed with dark chocolate cake crunch

  • Cherry Chocolate Chip- Cherry/Vanilla ice cream mixed with dark chocolate chunks and sweet cherries

  • Black Raspberry Crunch- Black Raspberry ice cream mixed with chocolate cake crunch and dark chocolate chunks

  • Butter Pecan- Buttery caramel ice cream mixed with roasted pecans

  • Mocha Fudge Brownie-Chocolate/Coffee ice cream swirled with dark fudge and chunks of homemade brownies

  • Fluffed Nutter- Vanilla ice cream swirled with peanut butter and marshmallow fluff


Special and Seasonal Flavors

Throughout the year we have weekly specials inspired by the season and the farm.


Current special flavors: 
To be announced

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